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Therapy at Silver Star Counseling

Blooming Garden

Individual therapy

I provide a safe, nurturing space for children to develop skills for identifying, expressing, and managing big emotions.  When working with younger children, parents play a very important role. Often, a combination of family therapy sessions with and without child is recommended, to provide space for parents to learn and practice skills and strategies to use with their young child.

Wild Flowers

Family Therapy

Let’s shine a light on patterns that aren’t working and find other ways of helping create better family communication and interactions! 

Mountians and Lake


Parenting has its ups and downs. It can be the most rewarding experience in a person's life but also the most challenging. My job is to hold space for you to voice your concerns, gain confidence as a parent, and work collaboratively to help your child be the best person they can be as they grow up. 

Special Note:

While I provide therapy services to children and families with a wide variety of needs, I do not provide parent mediation services and do not take part in the creation of parenting plans. I do not make or inform custody arrangements.

Additionally, I do not provide crisis services. My practice will be a great fit for many individuals, but it is not for those who are in crisis or teetering on the edge of crisis, as I am not able to provide 24-hour coverage or urgent crisis response. If you’re not sure if I am the right fit for you or not based on this, please discuss it with me during our consultation, or phone call, and I can help you make that determination. At intake, I do provide a list of crisis resources to all new clients so that if a crisis does occur, you have resources to access.

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